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Your campaigns in Full Screen format on the locked screen of your smartphone. The attention is totally yours and there is no competition of space, communicate what you want and impact the user with a lot of quality. What's more, we have a very efficient base-segmentation system that only reaches your audience.

An attractive more

Every time users view and interact with campaigns, they're rewarded with Slis, our virtual currency, designed to take advantage of our own advertisers' offerings. So, everyone wins.

Why Advertise With Sli?

Some reasons to advertise on our innovative ad platform


Know where your audience is and determine the extent of the impact


Create fully interactive campaigns and abuse creativity to impact your audience

Hit your target

Our system of preferences allows the development of much more assertive campaigns

Quick Return

Our users accrue Slis through their ads and can spend again with you


Feel free to create. Use images, gifs, videos and games to impact your target.

Stay Ahead

Impact of the public in an innovative way and be part of the future of mobile communication

Infinite possibilities of in the palm of the hand

Sli has come to change the traditional way of seeing ads. The smartphone allows endless possibilities that had not yet been properly exploited in the advertising market. Create fully interactive campaigns, abuse your creativity, and deliver far more immersive experiences.

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